Is a partnership WITH the Aurora Community, CU School of Medicine, and CU Medicine to BUILD HEALTH, WEALTH, and WELL-BEING in Aurora, with a particular focus on residents who live in zip codes 80010, 80011, and 80012.

This organization will focus on addressing the social determinants of health with a new primary care clinic as well as other services and ecosystems necessary to meet the needs of Aurorans.

Our Vision

is to build health, wealth, and well-being in Aurora.

Our Mission

AWC will achieve this by collaborating with community to create coordinated, comprehensive, and equitable opportunities for individuals, families, and communities in Aurora to thrive. The AWC’s holistic approach will focus on the following community-identified priorities: medical and mental health care, housing, food security, generational care, community building, and connection.



Inclusive – we put people at the center and design for their well-being.

Mission-driven – every action that we take is focused on our mission.
Authentic – we meet everyone where they are and respect their full personhood.
Teamwork – embrace radical collaboration in support of our mission.
Trust – champion solutions designed with and by community.
Excellence – strive relentlessly toward operational excellence for multi-generational impact.
Resilience – create and deliver continuously improved and financially sustainable services.

we want all who we serve and those who work on our team to say re: their experience, “I MATTER!



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